Went away for a lovely, but too-brief trip to Catalina Island over Labor Day weekend.

This couple sat in the seat in front of me on the ferry to Catalina Island. I liked the contrast of her wild, curly hair against his very closely cropped head.

The kids tried feeding some Mourning Doves, but the aggressive seagulls drove them out. I love the grey of their wings- it makes the pink legs, and orange and yellow beak all work together so well.

Quick sketch from the front porch of our hotel.The mornings were quiet until the first ferry came in, but there was already this really enthusiastic person up in a parachute.

A more leisurely sketch of the same view from the hotel.

And a view of the island from out on the pier at dusk. That large building in the background is called the casino, but was never used for gambling.

The beach was tiny, had no sand, and had awfully sharp rocks, but it was totally packed. I love the tall palm trees  and the bright hot light of southern california.