… When I start sketching indoors more and more- it’s always a challenge, finding new places I can sketch at while staying out of the cold. The “Hungry Hound” is a little joint in Los Gatos. I liked how the ketchup and red baskets created little points of color across an otherwise nondescript scene.

… When school begins and the soccer leagues are back at the neighborhood park. I love the long shadows and warm glow of the evening, but I need to remember NOT to be positioned so that the setting sun is right in my eyes! I admire minimalist art, but my own stuff is anything but minimalist: this sketch is pen and ink outlines, fat PITT markers to block in the shadows, watercolor and then oil pastels for little highlights of color.

… When the halloween stuff comes out… Isn’t it a little early, though? I hate funky fonts , except when I’m sketching: then they’re fun. Infact, I’ve noticed that a lot of things, like waiting in line are fun now that I sketch whenever I get a chance!