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Most of my time around Bangalore is spent wit my nieces, hanging out at home,  and letting the kids run loose all over the apartment complex. The loved it! Such a change from being policed by a parent all the time. Sometimes I hung out with them while they played and sketched…

uick sketch of a grouping of palms. Apartment in the background.


Colorful stuff around the apartment. I didn’t draw int he walls, which are mango and lime green in color. Such a happy apartment!


Mochi (cobbler) at his shack on the sidewalk. Nice 3-finger stripey patterns on the inside of his shack. That was fun to paint in watercolor! Dust-colored everything.

Looking down at the kids playing.  Fun angle to draw. The kids played downstairs. I sketched at the apartment above. A gardener sat nearby hand-trimming the grass at a leisurely pace.


4th Block, Jayanagar. Vegetable market. The blue tarp cast a beautiful light over the scene.

I love when there’s people at the next table having really intense conversations: I can stare at them forever and sketch them and they don’t seem to notice at all.

As soon as school starts, the mommies arrive in droves at the coffee shop. And they’re there for the next couple of hours- or until their toddlers start to whine.

Finally: a real summer day! it’s over a hundred degrees outside, and I could barely see this girl with the glare from the outside…

A quick sketch while Kavya takes a swim class.

Start the day at the Brazil Cafe in Santa Cruz. Lemon yellow and parrot green walls.And a big bowl of feijoada.

The Blue Whale skeleton at the Seymour Center.

And the Bonny Doon beach, just north of Santa Cruz to end the day. The kids play by a little backwater creek.

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