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Most of my time around Bangalore is spent wit my nieces, hanging out at home,  and letting the kids run loose all over the apartment complex. The loved it! Such a change from being policed by a parent all the time. Sometimes I hung out with them while they played and sketched…

uick sketch of a grouping of palms. Apartment in the background.


Colorful stuff around the apartment. I didn’t draw int he walls, which are mango and lime green in color. Such a happy apartment!


Mochi (cobbler) at his shack on the sidewalk. Nice 3-finger stripey patterns on the inside of his shack. That was fun to paint in watercolor! Dust-colored everything.

Looking down at the kids playing.  Fun angle to draw. The kids played downstairs. I sketched at the apartment above. A gardener sat nearby hand-trimming the grass at a leisurely pace.


4th Block, Jayanagar. Vegetable market. The blue tarp cast a beautiful light over the scene.

More sketches from trips to India in the past. Tirunelvelli is the sort of place that will drive you mad if you have to spend more than a few days there- but it makes for such interesting sketches!


View from the front door of Hari’s parent’s house. I’m fascinated by the crisscross of wires and how the istri-wala and the big truck coexist on the same narrow road.


tirunelvelli_marketVegetable market, under the overpass, near the train station. The visual chaos is rivalled by the noise levels.


tirunelvelli_rooftopsView from the rooftop of the house. All houses on this street are connected by their rooftops. They’re all long, and narrow, like railroad compartments, and some of the interior rooms are only lit by little skylights with grills, like the one in the foreground.

I love sketching in India- everything is so interesting- crazy crowded towns the madness of hanging electric wires and impossible traffic, bustling vegetable markets, small serene villages. kalidairkurichi_1This is a village temple in Kallidaikurichi (sp?) , a sleepy village in Tamil Nadu where Hari’s grandparents live. Big banyan trees, algae-filled temple pond- this is Tenali Ram country- The cliche really exists!


goa_verandaThe veranda of my parents home in Goa- I love how the vegetation grows totally wild and how everything is covered with a patina of moss in no time.

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