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I pass this “factory site” often and stopped to sketch it one day. I thought the structure itself was interesting, but I also liked how the chain link fence and the gate added to the industrial look of it….

So I did this sketch. But the whole fence bit just overwhelmed the composition.

I went back again and did the composition below, and while the factory structure is clearer, I lost something from not having the fence and gate, I think… But how do I work in intricate structures like that without them overwhelming the composition? Any tips?

Saravana Bhavan. Sunnyvale.

Kavya has been sketching with me more and more these days. it’s fun to draw with her and see what she sees. Nishant sometimes hangs around and has pretty critical comments about both our sketches.

This is a pair of bearded dragons we drew at a vivarium in Berkeley. We were squished between a cage with pythons and the dragons, and I spilt my coffee on Kavya’s sketch…

This is our sketch at the Seymour Center in Santa Cruz. The tank had a leopard shark, fish and some floating kelp.

… When I start sketching indoors more and more- it’s always a challenge, finding new places I can sketch at while staying out of the cold. The “Hungry Hound” is a little joint in Los Gatos. I liked how the ketchup and red baskets created little points of color across an otherwise nondescript scene.

… When school begins and the soccer leagues are back at the neighborhood park. I love the long shadows and warm glow of the evening, but I need to remember NOT to be positioned so that the setting sun is right in my eyes! I admire minimalist art, but my own stuff is anything but minimalist: this sketch is pen and ink outlines, fat PITT markers to block in the shadows, watercolor and then oil pastels for little highlights of color.

… When the halloween stuff comes out… Isn’t it a little early, though? I hate funky fonts , except when I’m sketching: then they’re fun. Infact, I’ve noticed that a lot of things, like waiting in line are fun now that I sketch whenever I get a chance!

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