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The Whale Museum on San Juan island is a little gem of a place. ┬áNishant thought it should be called “The Cetacean Museum”.

Little tank on the pier, Friday Harbor.

More boats. Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, and Orcas Island.

It’s fun to draw a scene like this with a pen that isn’t waterproof. I like how the watercolors make the lines run…

I never end up drawing what I eat because I eat it too fast. Most of my sketches are after we order, while we wait for out food to arrive. Or, I wolf down my food and sneak in a quick sketch.

I forget what this place at Friday Harbor was called.It had brilliant red walls, superb fish and chips and very slow service: Perfect for sketching! A very hungry Nish and Hari waiting for their food.

We had a not-so-great breakfast here, but the old metal sign on the back wall was superb.

The Market Chef has the best sandwiches on the island. And is run by the nicest couple.


This pizzeria, on Orcas Island, had a gorgeous mural all over it’s walls .

This was like a throwback to Goa before bridges! Catching a ferry to the San Juan islands. There’s something about having to wait in a line for the ferry, spend an hour on it to get across to mainland that makes people just slow down and do nothing… there were people chatting, playing cards, reading, but rarely was anyone on the phone or surfing. How nice!

If you see a ferry docked, you have to draw it real quick because you never know when it will leave!

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